Tim has worked in the private security field for over 14 years. He is currently the Director of Security of one of the largest event security companies in southwest Missouri, Event Services Group, LLC. Tim’s specialties are managing large security personnel teams and coordinating with stakeholders such as public safety committees and celebrity executive protection teams. 

Tim spent 20 years as a Protestant minister and was stationed around the Midwest United States for the Salvation Army. His experience and training have made him excellent at de-escalation and crisis intervention. He further honed these skills as a corrections officer for the Greene County Sheriff’s Office in Missouri’s third-largest jail. He is also a skilled martial artist, practicing boxing, MMA, taekwondo, and Jeet Kun Do. Tim has worked with other security companies like Risk Mitigation Services, RMS, Threat Mitigation, Executive Security Specialists,  and others where he has worked on close protection, workplace violence, labor dispute, and industrial site security details across the United States. In May 2023 Tim founded Fortify, LLC which is a private armed security company based out of Springfield, MO.  

Fortify thrives on customer service for our clients and provides the utmost professionality for every job. We have many experienced agents that have come from various backgrounds such as military, law enforcement, and private security. Each agent is cleared through an extensive background check. While not every agent are of the same caliber, each one has their own set of skills and certifications. This helps Fortify find the best agent for whatever job comes our way. We specialize in small events, work place violence, on-site security, adolescent chaperone, executive protection, and so much more. With more than 50 years of combined experience, Fortify is on your side!